The Public Policy Center of Mississippi believes all people deserve good, nutritious food at affordable costs.  We work with national and state hunger initiatives, advocates, organizers, and program leaders to address the growing problem of hunger and poor nutrition in Mississippi.

Currently more than 1/5 of Mississippians live without adequate access to food security.  1/3 of Mississippi's children live in homes where access to good, nutritious food on a regular basis is limited.  We at the Public Policy Center of Mississippi believe we can make a difference by connecting Mississippians to each other and to food security.  Whether it is through the USDA Summer Food Service Program, SNAP benefits, WIC, food sustainability programs, and much more, the time is now for Mississippi to become number one in food security. 

Because food security and good nutrition for our children is a top priority, the Public Policy Center of Mississippi has identified the USDA Summer Food Service Program as one of the first steps in ensuring Mississippi rises to the top in food security.   We are committed to providing resources, networking, and assistance to Summer Food Service Program sponsors and sites in an effort to more adequately feed our children during the months when no school meals are provided.  Join us in our efforts today.  Together we can connect Mississippi to good food and good nutrition.

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